Big Bend Community Based Care


What is Community-Based Care?

The Florida Legislature has mandated the privatization of foster care and related services to community- based agencies. It is the intention of the Legislature for local communities to participate in the safety and protection of children. Big Bend Community Based Care is the prospective lead agency for community-based child protection in District 2B. Big Bend Community Based Care is a non-profit agency formed by community members to address the required privatization of services. Foster care and related services include prevention and intervention, protective supervision, foster care, adoption, and independent living. The Abuse Hotline, investigations, and child welfare legal services will remain with the Department of Children & Families.

Where Do I Fit in?

Every citizen of North Florida has a special role in community child protection. We welcome citizens to become a member of a community advisory board with provider oversight of the local service center. It is important for citizens to furnish input, assist in decision-making and assess progress. Please contact us so we can continue to provide you with valuable community information.