Big Bend Community Based Care

Programs and Services

Child Abuse Prevention Services

Foster care should be considered temporary and a placement of last resort. Big Bend Community Based Care works hard to keep a child at home with their parents whenever possible. By providing child abuse prevention services we can help families avoid the situations that lead to abuse and neglect. Services include but not limited to:

  • Family Counseling
  • Family Preservation
  • In-home Supervision
  • Parent Training
Case Management Services (In-Home and Out-of-Home)

Big Bend Community Based Care partners with local agencies to provide case management services to the children and families in the child welfare system. Case managers assist children and families in managing difficult life events, monitor living situations, and recommend abuse prevention services such as counseling, parent training, and supervision.

Foster Care Placement Services

Big Bend Community Based Care directly oversees the placement of children in foster and adoptive homes providing standard or specialized care depending on the child’s needs. Our placement responses are guided by our commitment to place children in homes that provide stable and supportive environments. Our partner agencies recruit foster parents through a screening and training process that is both rigorous and supportive. Together our goal is to recruit and retain foster parents of the highest quality who can provide stability and support to all of our children.

Independent Living Services

Independent living services were implemented as a means to help youth in foster care better prepare to live on their own. Types of services available to youth ages 13 to 23 years old include: Pre-independent Living Services, Life Skills Services, Subsidized Independent Living, Aftercare Support Services, Road to Independence Program, and Transitional Support Services. The specific goals of independent living are to help youth likely to remain in foster care and youth formerly in foster care, make the transition to self-sufficiency.

Adoption Services

Every effort is made to help a child remain with his or her family. However, in some cases parental rights must be legally terminated and the child becomes available for adoption. As with foster placement, Big Bend Community Based Care and its partner agencies provide numerous pre-adoptive and post-adoptive support services to all of our adoptive families such as on-going training and continual staff support.