Big Bend Community Based Care

Quality Parenting Initiative

BBCBC QPI Brand Statement

Children need families that will love, heal and nurture them.  Our team is made up of equal and distinct partners committed to communication, support, encouragement and mutual respect.  Together we are working to strengthen families during challenging times so children grow up in safe, healthy environments.

QPI Website

The QPI website hosts a variety of training and parenting resources for caregivers. Licensure hours are available for most courses.

QPI Workgroup Meetings

C2 QPI Workgroup - Every 2nd Wednesday at 12 noon at Leon Human Service Center - 1000 W. Tharpe St., Tallahassee, FL 32303
Contact: Katie Klutz -850-219-4236;

C14 QPI Workshop - Meets monthly
Contact: Jennifer Wilson at 850-747-5755 or