Big Bend Community Based Care

Independent Living

Independent living is an array of services available to adolescents in foster care as well as young adults formerly in foster care. These include pre-independent living services (ages 13-14) as well as independent living services (ages 15-22).  The purpose of independent living transition services is to ensure that youth exiting foster care acquire the success skills and education necessary for independence, employment and self-sufficiency. These skills will allow them to build personal responsibility and achieve a greater sense of well-being.

The categories of services available based on eligibility include subsidized independent living, Road-to-Independence Program, transitional support , aftercare support, and life skills.  Young adults that age out of foster care may also be eligible for fee exemptions as students in a qualified educational program. Dependency Case Managers, Supervisors and Dependency Specialists (also known as Independent Living Specialists) work to prepare youth exiting foster care for independence. Big Bend Community Based Care also has Well-Being Specialists who exhibit expertise in independent living transition services as well as oversees the determination of eligibility of those applying and receiving these related services.