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What is a Network Provider?

A professional individual or agency who provides services to children and families served by Big Bend Community Based Care.  A Network Provider provides services that are not provided by our subcontracted partners to ensure that every child or family in our service areas receives the best care possible. 

What services are we looking for?

Our children and families receive a variety of services in all areas of the Big Bend region. Some examples include Individual & Family Counseling, Parent Education, Evaluations and Assessments, Psychological Testing, Play Therapy, Anger Management and various other services.

How do I begin the process of becoming a Network Provider?

Simply contact us by phone or by the email address listed below and we will guide you through the simple steps to become a member of our Provider Network, including the completion of a brief application package. This is an opportunity to empower children and families through acts of service. Please get in touch with our office today! 

Big Bend Community Based Care, Inc. 

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Application Package

Please fill out the following forms and email to